Dr. Backson Sibanda is an expert with 38 years experience in Results Based Management, Strategic Planning, Programme Project Design, Monitoring and Evaluation,  Natural Resources Management, and Small Scale Agriculture and provides training in these areas. Backson has a PhD in Natural Resources (Rhodes University 1999), an MsC in Urban and Regional Planning (Nairobi University Kenya 1980) a BsC  in Geography (North London Polytechnic 1997) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Planning, Results Based Management, Monitoring & Evaluation  (George Mayson University Washington USA 1984).

Backson’s skills in Natural resources management, strategic Planning, Programme/Project Design, RBM, M&E allow him to do work in natural resources management and environment, design programmes/projects as well as management systems, to design M&E systems, train in RBM as well as use RBM tools in designing, managing and evaluating programmes using these tools.

Backson’s previous work/projects includes:

  • Director of World Vision Internal – an international development NGO
  • Chief of Evaluation in Four UN agencies UNEP, UNDP, UNODC and UNDP
  • Provided consultancy services to International Organization for Migration – developed M&E Policy, M&E Guidelines, Training Materials in M&E, trained M&E staff and project officers as well as Training of Trainers
  • Provided M&E services to UNDP South Africa, Gambia, Tanzania, KZN through UNDP, Swaziland and Namibia. Undertook evaluations, designed M&E systems and trained in all these areas.
  • Provided M&E services to the Development Bank of Southern Africa
  • Evaluated the Swedish Project in Zimbabwe support to the private sector
  • Developed M&E Policy for Southern Africa Trust, M&E Guidelines, M&E Training Materials, trained staff and trained trainers.
  • Serve on the AGRA M&E Panel since 2011 doing quality control of M&E systems and products
  • Serve on the South African Human Rights Commission – Committee 5 on Land and Natural resources.

Backson has published many papers in International  Journals as well as published books. He is currently writing a book on Evaluation capturing experiences of 25 years in the UN system and elsewhere.