Mr Happy Mohane is an experienced economist with over 12 years experience in enterprise development and microfinance, value chain analysis, agriculture,  business linkages, monitoring & evaluation and development finance.  Happy has an MCom in Economics and and MSc in Agricultural Economics from the Universities of Natal and Pretoria respectively and he attended a Springfield Centre training course on Making Service Markets Work for Enterprise Competitiveness.

Happy has experience in analysing business development and financial services products, and developing economic development strategies/approaches for demand-led paid services and marketing models for agriculture and natural products.

His/her previous work/projects includes:

  • Development of a Master Agri-Park Business Plan per District Municipality to Operationalize an Agri-Park in the 44 District Municipality for the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.
  • He successfully managed a Supply Chain Logistics Programme funded by the Flemish government, which offered an approach to integrate small agro-businesses into regional supply chains to help them seize opportunities for trade of horticultural and agri-foods products.
  • Happy was previously employed as a Senior Manager by the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) in South Africa.
  • Prior to joining the NAMC, Mr Mohane was employed as a Research Specialist at a leading economic development consulting firm in Africa based in South Africa where he was responsible for coordinating the operations of two Joint Regional Trade projects (JRTPs) in Angola and Namibia.