Professor Cloete is an organisational and policy development  expert with 17 years experience in various institutional and policy planning and management positions in government and more than three decades of experience in the fields of education, training and capacity-building for better institutional and policy development.  Professor Cloete has a D Phil degree in Political Science from Stellenbosch University and a LLB degree from the Rand Afrikaans University.

Professor Cloete’s skills in transdisciplinary training, research, planning, policy design, implementation and evaluation enable him to integrate contemporary theory and practice in a feasible, affordable and sustainable manner across different sectors like politics, management, economy, environment, culture, education, health, etc.

Professor Cloete specialises in institutional transformation, policy process and content improvement and policy design, implementation and evaluation capacity-building.

Professor Cloet’s previous work includes:

  • Institutional development and policy management training for decision-makers from local to international level
  • Programme and project evaluations in various developing countries

Planning, implementing and managing various legislative and operational transformation programmes in South Africa’s transition to democracy and thereafter at different governmental levels.