South Africa is the world’s leading supplier of Mohair and hosts the International Mohair Summit every two years. Impact Economix conducted an impact evaluation of the 2009 International Mohair Summit held in the Eastern Cape to answer the following questions: • Evaluate whether the intended objectives were met; • Identify the nature and value of direct and indirect benefits flowing from the event; • Assess whether or not the Mohair Summit is the best platform to pursue further value chain investment and facilitate robust engagement in the sector; • Formulate recommendations for appropriate funding models for future editions of the Mohair Summit; and • Identify next steps and relevant interventions to maximise industry socio-economic gains. An Event Return on Investment model was used which started with identifying the priority audiences and assessing their satisfaction with the event and the types of learning which took place. The types of learning which took place then impacts on participant behaviours which in turn impacts on broader business and economic impacts which are ideally quantified. The overall ROI is an assessment of whether the quantified value of the positive impacts exceeds the costs of the event.