Over 20 years working with the public and private sectors to promote development has taught us the interconnectedness of the individual and local levels to the societal and economic macro level systems. The use of multi-disciplinary, systemically informed approaches and research knowledge to strengthen public and private role-players, as well as the quality of their inter-relationships, informs our contextually relevant solutions which are categorized into three main areas:

Monitoring and evaluation

including impact and implementation evaluations of organizations, policies, interventions and the development of monitoring and evaluation policies, frameworks, and systems.

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Economic Development and Inclusive Growth

including Cluster and Value Chain Development, Urban and Rural Development, Trade promotion, Investment promotion (including Business Retension & Expansion); Entrepreneurship and micro-finance.

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Governance and Service delivery improvement

Including local business environment reform, policy and strategy development, business process management and improvement, lean management and six sigma, municipal red tape reduction, regulatory improvement and socio-economic impact assessments, and service delivery charters and benchmarking.

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We use best practice methodologies and continuously aim to build individual and institutional capacity in our projects. Impact Economix believes that good M&E focusses on both highlighting positive outcomes and uncovering negative findings or unanticipated impacts. We believe solid evidence as well as practical, specific and implementable recommendations offer our clients meaningful value and benefits.

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