Wrote and published “Guidelines for Reducing Municipal Red Tape to improve Service Delivery that Supports Small Business”. Publication was designed to be user friendly and accessible to both government officials and business people. It was launched by Minister Rob Davies in July 2013 and has been distributed to all Municipalities in South Africa- download. The report on the Red Tape National Learning Workshop held in June 2012 is available for download. In terms of capacity building, 6 three-day red tape reduction workshops were facilitated in 6 provinces. Municipal officials received SETA-accredited Red Tape Reduction Training with the opportunity to submit an assignment and receive accreditation for all training received. Rae authored a 40-page publication called “Reducing Municipal Red Tape: How Municipalities can Improve Service Delivery that Support Small Business”. This publication contains detailed guidelines to inform and support municipal business process re-engineering (Business Process Management). This document also includes example action plans for the following seven red tape issues: · Improving Municipal Service Delivery through Citizen Service Charters and Complaints Notification Systems ·  Improving Municipal Communication ·  Improving Municipal Regulations ·  Improving Supply Chain Management and Procurement ·  Supporting Efficient Land Development ·  Improving Building Plan Approval time-framesManaging Informal Trading