The Presidency commissioned Impact Economix to conduct an implementation and impact evaluation to assess the performance of coordination systems in government, both technical and ministerial, and to see how to strengthen their effectiveness. The evaluation focused on clusters, MinMECs and outcome Implementation Forums (IFs) between 2011-2013. The analytical framework comprising key coordination success factors related to mandate issues, resources and system issues, and behaviour issues. A multi-method approach was undertaken to collect a range of qualitative and quantitative data on coordination success factors. Evidence was obtained from various sources including: a literature review of international coordination case studies; interviews with 4 Ministers and 38 directors general (DGs) and senior government officials; a survey of 34 DGs; six issue-specific coordination case studies; an analysis of the types of decisions taken by the 3 coordination structures between June 2011 – July 2013; and levels of attendance at structure meetings between 2011-2013.. Recommendations to improve government coordination systems have been approved by Cabinet in 2015. Report available here and for additional information and reports see