The purpose of the evaluation of the KSD Presidential Intervention (KSD PI) is to establish the merits and trade-offs based on worth, replicability and efficient attainment of government development priorities that a presidential intervention brings to bear on a locality facing stubborn social, administrative, institutional and economic problems. The methodology included: • A review of literature on urban renewal, government coordination approaches, and the historical context and trajectory of the KDS LM (February 2013); • Review of a wide range of KSD PI-specific documentation including minutes of meetings, key municipal documents, and progress reports (February – September 2013); • Results from a survey of 28 representatives of the KSD PI workstreams and Provincial Working Group (PWG) (April – May 2013); • Interviews with 21 representatives from the various KSD PI workstreams (March – June 2013); • Interaction in four scheduled Programme Management Unit (PMU) meetings serving as a Steering Committee (SC) (May 2013 – May 2014). Report available and for additional information and reports.