The Western Cape Government established the Red Tape Reduction Call Centre in July 2011 to assist businesses with resolving red tape issues. Since that time, over 1500 queries have been dealt with. Over 60% of these queries have involved the provision of business support information. The remaining queries have involved a wide range of issues related to business registration issues, national department issues (including SARS and Home Affairs), and municipal issues. The RTRCC has experienced difficulties in assisting citizens to resolve red tape issues which fall within the jurisdiction of national or municipal spheres due to a number of factors including the fact that PGWC does not have jurisdiction over the national or municipal spheres, and the PGWC has limited access to specialized capacity required to facilitate the development of systemic solutions which are required in most instances to address the root causes of red tape issues. It appears that the PGWC would be more effective in reducing red tape if it narrowed the scope of issues dealt with by the RTRCC and focused its RTRU resources on facilitating systemic solutions to a range of red tape issues which exist at the municipal sphere and where the PGWC has a constitutional mandate to provide support to municipalities. Recommendations included the need to strengthen the Municipal Support role and focus of the Provincial Red Tape Reduction Unit and institutionalise Customer Service Charters by all Provincial Departments.