Client: Francis Baard Municipality (Kimberley)
Services: City & Regional Strategy, Future Scenarios, Local Economic Development
Project Date: 2010

The Policy Unit in The Presidency was mandated by Cabinet to ensure integrated planning across spheres through the alignment of the national, provincial and local level planning frameworks. At its January 2003 lekgotla, Cabinet approved the NSDP as an indicative tool for purposes of national development planning and in approving the NSDP 2006, Cabinet went further to affirm it as a policy directive in so far as its methodology is concerned. The project seeks to answer the following critical questions: how best can the NSDP be contextualised? And how can the strategic role of the district be enhanced? This project used the OECD Territorial Review methodology [URL LINK] to develop a Development Framework that build’s on the area’s economic potential and opportunities and leverage key national and provincial economic policies, support programs, and resources by focusing on enhancing quality of life and connective. Strategies in the following thematic areas were developed: Place Competitiveness; Performing Infrastructure; Urban Revitalisation; Growth Management; Quality of Life; and Environmental Resource Management.